Bare Line · Reise


After 5 nights in Latvia I fell in love. From countryside to city to beach; I had no idea one single country could meet all my travel needs and make me feel that satisfied. I’ve been chilling in a hammock, staring at the fields during them late nights, laughed and danced, felt at ease at the beach, and seen the jugend style in Riga.

Staying at Rāmavas muiza gave me so much time to think about what is important to me. The entire trip gave me back some of my lust for life and showed me that I can still enjoy living. I started to remember the spark, and now that I’m back home I’ve impulsively made a massive decision. I’m going interrailing through Europe! 

Third of July I will be off, and I’ll be back sometime around the 22nd. I feel desperate, crazy, scared, anxious, dumb, hopeless, courageous, stupid, way too committed, and I’m seriously worried about what others will think – but. I also have butterflies in my stomach, and when I manage to zone out everyone else a huge grin appears and I feel excited. I will do this for me, and if it all goes wrong I can always go back home.

I’m remembering how I felt when I spontaneously went to live in Madrid six years ago, when I went to camp in Finland in 2015. How amazing deciding to attend the autumn seminar in Slovenia two years ago made me feel. The intens feeling of joy after camp last year. Not to mention the trip to Italy in 2014. Boskoop, Amsterdam, Miami and Orlando in 2013. And now going to a grand prep team meeting in Latvia for almost a week. I’ve felt happy, a feeling that sadly rarely appears in my life.

I’ve been afraid of traveling for so long, because of my mental and physical health, and I thought I was done with traveling for many years. I actually thought it was bad for me. I’m so scared of this trip I’m about to shit my pants, which all in all makes be believe this is what I need right now. I will challenge myself, breathe, and go on an adventure.

//all the pictures are taken by Enni Liinoja.

Jeg har forelsket meg i Latvia. Jeg har stått rett opp og ned og pustet og sett utover jorder og hav, ligget i en hengekøye og kikket på himmelen mens fuglene sang. Jeg har ledd, danset og følt meg levende.

Jeg har på sett og vis fått livslysten tilbake, og jeg har derfor bestemt meg for å reise med tog gjennom Europa fra tredje til sånn cirka 22 juli. Jeg føler meg gal, dum og litt sjuk i huet. Men nå er det bestemt. Flybilletter til Zagreb og interrail-pass bestilt, jeg drar! 


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